Water Bike-Aqua Treadmill-Parallel Bars


The Aquatic SuperGym offers aquatic cycling, walking and a back and abdominal strengthening exercise. This machine is used for both fitness and rehabilitation therapy.

The underwater treadmill system offers features found on no other aquatic treadmill, such as a flat walking deck that allows use with bare feet and parallel bars that can stabilize the body for a more efficient use of the treadmill by those recovering from disability or injury.

Made in the USA by the oldest and most experienced designer and builder of aquatic therapy equipment for hospital and clinic therapy pools, this machine is a simplified version of our Aquatic Therapy Gym. The lower half of the handlebar posts are solid thermoplastic and not pipe. The handlebars, cycle attachment, base and treadmill belt are all made from thermoplastic materials that will not rust. This is a  rugged and durable aquatic exercise machine best used in commercial pools.

For use by individuals of any weight in a pool with a water depth between 4.0 feet and 5.0 feet, this aquatic machine may be left in the pool indefinitely or easily removed. It may also be used on a pool floor that has a gentle slope.

No maintenance is required. NOT FOR USE AS A DRY LAND EXERCISE MACHINE.

WATER DEPTH REQUIREMENTS: Minimum water depth for usage is 48 inches. Maximum water depth for usage is 60 inches. Recommended water depth for most common usage is between 48 inches and 52 inches. POOL AREA REQUIRED: 24" X 60" (footprint of Gym with cycle attachment extended).

SPECIFICATIONS: Weight: 105 lbs. * Max. Striding Distance: 3.5 ft. * Walking Belt Width: 18 in. * Total Height: 49 in. * Total Width: 30 in.  * Total Length: 60 in. with cycle attachment extended.

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